A mix of outstanding vendor and proprietary technology drives Stone Coast’s reporting, information security and service efficiency.

Stone Coast’s core systems leverage cloud computing platforms. This permits enterprise-grade reliability, scalability, availability, security and business continuity. For key applications that are not cloud-capable, primary and secondary hot site data centers with redundant power, environmental controls and state-of-the-art physical security are located on separate power grids and geologic zones, outside of major earthquake and disaster risk areas.

Primary vendor systems include [details available on inquiry] the industry’s leading portfolio and investor accounting platform, a major third-party reconciliation suite and a leading digital business platform for workflow automation and control. Other vendors provide a wide range of security and support products and services.

The technology environment is supplemented and brought to life by a highly active team of Developers, Business Analysts and an IT Infrastructure, Security and Operations group. This team has built a suite of tools, including a central hub that integrates and automates data flow across all systems and users, and they develop, test and release approximately 500 products, enhancements and fixes annually.

Information security and cybersecurity follow a layered, defense-in-depth approach, integrating a wide range of hardware and software tools, service partners, vulnerability remediation, and, ultimately, constant training and testing at the staff level. Security assessment includes regular third-party penetration testing, with professional hackers seeking to exploit any discoverable vulnerability to gain access to Stone Coast’s network and data.

Stone Coast has reliable business continuity and disaster recovery practices to ensure that it can continue to provide high-quality service, meet contractual obligations and resume critical business functions in the event of disruption. These efforts benefit from sustained focus on systems, site security and data mirroring, but also are trained, tested and drilled comprehensively at the staff level to ensure a continuous processing environment.