Work at Stone Coast

Our Team

The quality of our services derives solely from the quality of our people. Therefore, we seek smart, hard-working, ethical and friendly professionals – from recent college graduates to fund administration veterans to compliance and technology experts. We seek people who choose us and who choose Maine – people whose choice to work with us is as deliberative as our selection process.

Job Opportunities

If you are interested in exploring employment opportunities at Stone Coast, please visit our Career Center.

If you don’t see an opening for which you are qualified, but do have relevant industry experience, please feel encouraged to apply to our General Application at the Career Center. Our growth compels us to continuously search for talent, and we may be contemplating a position that fits your experience.

Cover Letters

We consider the cover letter an important first step in getting to know you, so please include one with your resume or application. Tell us why you are interested in our organization and your reasons for wanting to move to Maine, if you are not here already.