Investor & Cash Services

Stone Coast’s Investor Services teams help investors through the fund subscription and redemption process while ensuring compliance with tax and anti-money laundering (AML) regulatory obligations. Our Cash Services team ensures that investor cash and fund expenses are wired safely.

We seek Investor Services representatives who are values-driven, friendly, motivated and smart. Candidates are evaluated for written and verbal skills, and trained to handle investor matters with knowledge and tact. Each client’s representative is part of a small team, reinforced by managerial support and by an aligned Legal and Compliance team.

Investor Services include:

  • Subscription and redemption processing
  • Side letter tracking
  • Capital call management (for private equity funds)
  • Trade confirmation
  • Capital transaction reporting
  • AML, FATCA and CRS compliance (See “Compliance & Regulatory Support”)
  • ERISA and Blue Sky reporting
  • Distribution of statements, transparency reports, tax reporting and audited financial statements

Cash Services include:

  • Movements of subscription cash to trading accounts
  • Payments of redemptions and hold-backs to investors
  • Payments of fund expenses