Business Support Services

Some of our most important services don’t come on a schedule, but are delivered in prompt response to client needs that can never be fully predictable. Whether we’re helping to make decisions, to raise assets or to navigate a crisis, Stone Coast’s mission is to facilitate our clients’ success. Beyond the core services of accounting and investor services, our Business Support services include:

  • Problem-solving on structural, regulatory, operations and business issues, based on our extensive experience with managers who have likely faced similar issues
  • Due diligence support for prospective and existing investors, consultants and fund counterparties via hosted visits, calls, questionnaires, whitepapers and materials
  • Provision of representation letters documenting anti-money laundering and other regulatory compliance practices
  • Liaising with fund directors, counsel and audit firms on launches, reorganizations, wind-downs, regulatory changes and extraordinary events
  • Supporting clients undergoing SEC, FINRA and other regulatory examinations through the provision of information, analysis and interview support
  • Securing confidential client and investor information through a combination of technology, vendor solutions, personnel policies, training and ongoing testing and monitoring