About Stone Coast

From a sole office on the Maine coast, some 221 Stone Coast staff serve about $105 billion in fund assets. Stone Coast is unique. We don’t advertise or prospect for clients, but follow a motto that “Operations is Sales.” We perpetually top quality and value rankings, and grow only from referral by extraordinarily satisfied clients. The ingredients are simple: we offer – by far – the most senior and stable staff of any administrator, averaging 13.1 years of industry experience and annual retention of 91.2%. Nothing is outsourced, and staff-client pairings typically last for years. We tightly regulate growth and workloads to ensure that clients get our best.

Stone Coast invests in technology and staff for the long term, without distraction or impediment. We have no debt to service, no passive owners and no share price to maintain. We’re neither the cross-sell product of a supermarket bank nor a pending transaction in a PE portfolio. Purely organic growth avoids the fault-lines and dysfunctions of acquisitions. Our senior management knows the business – and each client – to the core. Relationships average above $1 billion, from very small to multiple billions. New business splits between launches and conversions from other administrators. We excel both with straightforward funds and with loan, credit and derivative-heavy portfolios.