Accounting Services

Clients are assigned to a small group of four-to-eight accountants and typically can expect to work with that team for years. Within a group each fund is assigned to a primary accountant backed by a review accountant, with all reporting undergoing rigorous checks by both. A fund’s primary accountant (or, in many-fund relationships, the Group Manager) serves as the lead contact for the relationship. Accountants have a broad range of responsibility for only a small number of relationships – often for just a single manager. Their jobs transcend their many finite duties and obligate them to ensure their clients’ overall happiness. Accounting Services include:

  • Automated capture and reconciliation of portfolio activity
  • Calculation of fees and accrual of expenses
  • NAV calculation
  • Investor and series allocations
  • Daily or monthly fund reporting and data feeds
  • Interim and year-end audit planning, financial statement preparation and distribution, tax support and calculation of book-to-tax differences (i.e., wash sales, constructive sales, straddles etc.)